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A woman had been in the hospital for a few weeks and was being released to come home.  She needed a ramp and neither she, nor her family, hadramp99 the funding for it.  Charlie Ball, Executive Director at Friendship Place, was contacted about the issue.  Local churches were contacted and funding and volunteers were donated.


A project that better helps disabled individuals get in and out of their homes has been created.  This project, "Ramp It Up," has built several ramps in the community so far.  Eligible clients who cannot afford to build the ramp themselves and need assistance are identified and helped.  Willing Volunteers are found, along with donations of lumber and other supplies, and the ramp project is completed.  Some of the organizations already involved with the project are:  The Bunnelle Foundation, Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments, Friendship Place, Habitat for Humanity, and various local church groups.  This project is looking to use Charity Tracker, a client management database, to better identify potential clients who need ramps.


Often the need for a ramp comes up suddenly, as with an injury.  The client needs the ramp to return to their home.  The need is great but the volunteers are few.  We are looking for more groups of volunteers to help with these ramps.